Sunday, October 2, 2011

Top 10 Board Games Hollywood Should Convert Into Movies

A tribute to Hollywood's dried up creativity, where it seems now they're drawing inspiration from board games. With movies like Clue, Battleship, and Real Steel (seemingly based on Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots), what's next? Here is a list, with plausible plot lines they can use to create the next big movie.

10. Sorry - A diabolical mastermind kidnaps four children, and four different families must race about town on a scavanger hunt to collect tokens and bring them back to the evil games master. The first one to have all four saves their child. For the others, not so lucky. But those falling behind have a chance to impede those ahead of them, forcing them back. How will they cope trying to save their own children knowing they are endangering the lives of other children? TAGLINE: In this deadly game, "Sorry" doesn't cut it.

9. Candy Land - Four children from around the world are whisked to a magical land. The Candy King has gone missing, and it's up to these four kids to find him before time runs out. If they fail, no candy will ever again be made, and childhood will be ruined for kids the world over. TAGLINE: Childhood has never been sweeter.

8. Connect Four - In a dark future, an Emperor King dominates what is left of New York City, the new capitol of the United States after the 3rd great war. To bring law and order to the masses, almost any offense is punishable by a life sentence. With prison's over-populating quickly, a life and death game is devised that will both appease the masses, and terminate the prison population. Prisoners are forced to play Connect Four. Should they win a series of10 matches, they go free, but if not, they die. Keanu Reeves plays Charlie, a mathematical genius who studies probability is forced into prison and uncovers a deadly secret. No one goes free. TAGLINE: It's time to Connect Four, or die.

7. Yahtzee - David Allister is a man who can't catch a break. Seems all his life, bad luck has followed him. That is until a mysterious man hands him a magical, golden Yahtzee cup. Now, whenever he rolls the dice, they come up exactly what he needs. He takes his lucky cup to the casinos looking to clean up at the craps table. But when the mob gets wise to his lucky streak, they hold his family for ransom. What's worse, the magic is all used up. Now, he has to win on his own or lose everything. TAGLINE: This summer, Adam Sandler risks it all in a game of Yahtzee.

6.The Settlers Of Catan - Two tribes of men, the peaceful Permanians and the ruthless Schafferites sail the oceans fleeing a ravaged and war-torn homeland. Over the course of the next hundred years, both settle in different parts of the new world, Catan. Both have created homes, stockpiled resources, and built roads. Now it seems they have learned of the other's existence. Will they work together, exchanging resources so both societies can thrive? Or will war once again rear its ugly head and destroy all that they built? A war started a thousand years ago when the Schafferites desecrated the temples of Lord Maulus. TAGLINE: In the new world of Catan, mankind can start anew, or destroy themselves again.

5. Twister - Ricco Johnson has just been released from prison, going down in history as the worst cat burglar in the world. When it comes to poise, grace, balance and dexterity, Ricco is all thumbs, and two left feet. With a wife and kid, and mounting bills, Ricco finds it impossible to get a job with his prison record. Then he learns about a heist job that pays $200k. All he has to do is sneak across a pressure sensative floor and crack the safe. As long as he sticks to the pattern laid out in the security system's blue prints, he should be fine. TAGLINE: One clumsy cat burglar, one expensive heist, one complicated security system. This Summer, Martin Lawrence is caught in a Twister

4. Chutes And Ladders - In the dark fantasy world of Illigard, a Paladin must brave an elaborate maze as he quests to reach the center. If he does, he will discover the Golden Rose, a rare flower with magical properties to heal the dying king. But he's not alone. A wicked thief has also entered the maze looking to take the rose for himself. It becomes a life or death game of keep away as both have not only to seize the flower, but to escape each other and the maze. This proves difficult as corridors change randomly, some sliding them to lower levels, while others offer ladders up to higher levels. Will they escape? Or be trapped forever? TAGLINE: A knight must match wits against a cunning thief in a maze full of chutes and ladders.

3. Jenga - Three friends decide to spend the week hiking in the mountains when an earthquake hits, and they fall a hundred feet down a chasm. With no rescue in sight, and food and water gone, they must make their own escape. They gather logs and branches from the trees that have fallen in with them and begin to build a makeshift tower to climb up and out of the chasm. Unfortunately, with less than 30 feet to go, they run out of wood, and must use pieces from below to stack on top, without collapsing the whole foundation killing them all. TAGLINE: To get to the top, the bottom must fall out. 

2. Operation - In 1947, a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. The spacecraft and three alien bodies were recovered. It's a story everyone heard about, but that's just the half of it. The "bodies" were actually cyborgs, part machine, part organic. Two have died on impact, but the third lies wounded. The aliens are overdue, and if the ship isn't repaired and the alien doesn't return home, soon others will come. In order to repair the living alien, the U.S. Military must extract vital components from the other two dead aliens for use on the third. The problem lies in the fact that the components contain anti-matter, and should it come into contact with anything, the anti-matter annihilates destroying all within a 3 mile radius. TAGLINE: A scientist must quickly learn alien biology and advanced technology before Earth is invaded. It'll be a delicate Operation.

1. Hungry, Hungry Hippos - A strange chemical leaks out in New York killing all wild life at the metropolitan zoo. Only the hippos return from the dead. Now, these hippo zombies break out and hunt for human flesh. But the more they eat, the hungrier they become. TAGLINE: How many must die to satisfy their insatiable hunger? Run, don't walk from Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

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